King Of The Rip!

Today I had the pleasure of hosting Mike Angelo on a Light Tackle bass trip on Cape. Our original plan was to fish the waters from Race Point to the Golf Ball, looking for big bass feeding on and eels and herring. With a tuff weather forecast I called Mike and asked him If we could fish other waters. Mike really wanted to get on some larger bass bad and I assured him we would. We launched out of Falmouth Harbor at 4:30am and were greeted with flat calm conditions. My first stop was in Woods Hole. I love this place its bass heaven, but probably the most dangerous harbor on the east coast! As soon as we arrived we were greeted with bass smashing bait 360 around the boat. Despite all the action we couldn't by a bight on fly or light tackle. The fish were very picky and I made the call to move. We ran over to the Vineyard and started working the rips. Upon arrival I could see bass chasing squid through the first waves of the rip. We set up on the rip and the carnage ensued. Almost every cast was a chunky 28-36 inch bass. These fish were super aggressive and covered in sea lice. This lasted almost the entire day. The visuals were sick, some of the best feeds I have ever seen. Mike was blown away and fished until his arms couldn't take any more. So the tally for the day was 60+ bass, 2 blues, all the 4lb scup you could handle, a fluke and a sea robin. Mike will be having dreams of the rips all year, until he returns next spring. Spring is almost over and I only have a hand full for dates open, get out while the bite is good.

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