Cape Cod weekend recap May 19th-21st 2017

The weekend is over and I'm beat! Here is a quick recap of the carnage that occurred: Friday I had the opportunity to host Evan from Yeti Coolers, Joe from Why Knot Fishing, and Pat and Anthony from the On The Water Magazine crew. I had promised an epic trip on The Cape and I never come short on promises! With fish on the move I wanted to cover some ground to maximize potential, so I topped off the fuel tanks for a 200 mile run. The plan was to quickly check Buzzards Bay and ...then cut through the Canal and head north. We launched out of upper Buzzards Bay around 5 AM, the temperature was a brisk 50 degrees. We didn't see much life so we started working structure points with Hogy soft plastics. After picking up a half dozen schoolies I made the call to run north. After a quick cut through the ditch we ran into Cape Cod Bay. Spring fishing in the bay is a lot like run and gun tuna fishing - open water, big fish, and big feeds. I immediately ran 2-3 miles offshore and headed east on the 40-50 foot line. With the radar tuned into birds, I started to run zig zag patterns in a east direction, this covers a large area more effectively. After a 20 minute run, we found our first pile of birds. It was a pure bloodbath with 15-40lb bass blowing herring out of the water. We immediately tripled up. This went on for 3 hours, fish after fish fell victim to the white 3oz Hogy pro tails. We also had several beautiful fish on fly, including Joe's personal best at 30lbs. This frenzy lasted a while before dying off, so we ran again and found several other epic feeds. We spent the rest of the day throwing poppers and watching wolf packs of fish chase them in gin clear water. We got sick footage! We covered over 100 miles and boated 150+ fish.

Unfortunately, I had to reschedule the next morning's trip due to inclement weather, but spent it doing recon on The Cape.

Then Sunday was an exact repeat of Friday's trip, only we launched from a closer location. I had out Steve, Adam, Joe, and Nina. Joe had never caught a bass over thirty pounds, and I assured him we could make it happen, and so it did, twice on this trip! Nina had never caught a striped bass. We started her addiction out with a little top water action. Steve also caught his personal best with a fish over 40lbs. The feeds didn't last as long and were more sporadic due to heavy boat traffic, but at the end of the day every one had smiles on after boating 60+ fish! This is going to last several more weeks, the time is Now! Book Now.

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