Race report!

StartFragmentSo, I finally had a chance and write a report. We have been fishing race point this week with mixed success. Running the 29 Pursuit down from Boston to the race we were ready for both tuna and bass. This trip is always a long day, meeting at the dock at 4am for a 4:30am launch. The run down was smooth, we ran the boat at 4200rpm that gave us a speed of about 40mph. Making the run down we found a huge amount of life about 5 miles southeast of Minot Light. Something was pushing... a acre of juvenile sea herring to the surface, with birds crashing I was sure this was a start to an epic day. We started throwing epoxy jigs and all four of use hooked up instantly. The fish started making a run but had minimal weight to it. We then realized that they were not bass. 4 anglers had 4 horse macks over 24 inches! They were huge, like bonito size at least 3-4 pounds and fat! Every drop produced a mammoth mack. With no bass on the electronics and a mack out on a bait runner for 15 minutes with no bites. We filled the live well and headed across the bay. We arrived at 630 am at race. With very limited bird activity we settled into the rip line. First drop I hooked into a good fish. After a short fight I landed a nice 36inch bass. The jig was hooked into its gills so I cut the line and backed the jig out threw its gill plate. I immediately venting the fish and he swam free. Sorry no pic on this one! After an hour of steady hook ups things slowed a bit. Most fish were small just keeper size. I decided to make a run south towards the golf ball. The further south we ran we saw less life. We stopped about 1 mile north of the golf ball and made the call to go back to the rip. BAD decision because just south of us the bite went off! I found this out later that night! We started drifting the pot line and picking away at fish steadily for a couple hours. I was very disappointed in the quality of the fish! I was really hoping to be crushing slobs! At 2pm we decided to grab a shore lunch in ptown. It was a nice hour break and I was hoping for better fishing in the afternoon. After lunch we started jigging the rip again. We noticed a large weather system moving across the bay. The winds changed and started gusting 35-40mph we started to run back inside to ptown. The squall was bad, high winds, rain and lightning. We docked and took a 2hour nap waiting for the weather to clear. After the storm the water was to churned up to fish so we headed home. A long bump ride, 2 hours. Getting back at the dock at 730pm I was cooked! Long day plenty of fish but no big girls. Looking forward do doing it again on Sunday charter. O and i will be running further south this time! The bigger fish have been moving south along the backside towards there summer haunts off Chatham. We seem to be a little ahead of schedule this season! ‪


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