A run to the Race!

Today we had a full day charter with Manny and his three boys. We launched out of Sandwich public launch at 4:45am. The cape cod bay bite had been red hot and with pleanty of Intel I was amped to put these guys on the meat. With a tide approaching slack we ran east towards Barnstable harbor. There was a ton of boats with a limited amount of life so i made the call to push farther east to Billingsgrate shoal. Upon arrival we noticed very little life so I started to use the Lowrance radar to look for birds. On the North Eastern edge of the shoal we found a large flock of herring gulls. The water was thick with sandeels, adult herring and mackerel. After about 20 minutes with no bass on the sounder I marked the bait onto the GPS and decided to move on. Like most shoals you need good current for the bass to feed actively and we were about an hour before it would fish well. So throttled up and headed towards the Race Point. As always this time of year race was covered in bait. We settled into the rip in about 120 feet and i immediately started to mark b ass. First drop and one of the boys hooked up on a Hogy SI harness jig 3OZ (sandeel). The bass was a health thirty inch fish. For the next hours we went to work with SI harness jigs and SI 100gram heavy metal Jigs( Sandeel). We landed about 20 fish in the rip and decided to move into some calmer water. So I ran the boat south along the pot line towards the golf ball. Me encountered multiple schools of fish in the 25-30inch bracket. After about another hour of picking away at small fish I decided to move back to Billingsgate.The fish at Billingsgate have been good size with some larger 20-40lb fish in the mix. As we ran south the wind direction changed and the weather started to deteriorate rapidly. By the time we got to Billings it was 4-6 foot seas and getting worse. I told everyone we needed to pull the plug and get inshore. Thank god we did because things got really nasty out. My customers safety is always my #1 priority, #2 is catching fish. So we made the long wet run back to the ramp, the weather man really F*cked up today! But we caught plenty and I comped the guy a half day in Boston Harbor to make it up.


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