Buzzards Bay bass blow up!


Departed Boston about 3:30am. The plan was to fish the upper portion of buzzards bay for school stripers. Trailering our 23 foot center GetTight, we launched the boat at about 5:15am. We had a west flowing tide from launch until about 8am. We started to see life as soon as we pushed off the ramp. Large schools of sea herring were being blown out of the water. The fish looked to be decent size class 15-20lb fish. The were very difficult to hook. After about 15 ...minutes we managed to hook a good fish on an SP minnow. The fish was about 32inchs and lost boat side. The longer we fished the more action continued. There were acers of bass on herring, and like a switch they started to feed on everything in sight! We managed well over 30 fish in 2 hours. Most being in the 22-27inch size bracket. The larger fish were replaced by hoards of aggressive schoolies. They seemed to respond very well to un weighted soft plastics and Fly. They were eating on the pause. The water clarity is very clear right now so all the bights were very visual! As the tide changes from west to east the fishing turned off quickly. We decided to head back about 9am. A great morning on the water!

Get Tight out!

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